Facilitating the diversity in user needs with a Multi-site

This was possible to build with Umbraco, without having to develop new code for each thinkable scenario of language and country of origin. A power demonstration of what can be achieved with Umbraco Cloud.


Øresunddirekt is an information service that conveys public information from the authorities to citizens and businesses in the Øresund region. On Øresunddirekt’s website, you will find information for EU citizens about commuting from Denmark to Sweden.

Established in 2000 in a collaboration between the Danish and Swedish authorities, Øresunddirekt has its information center in Malmö and its administrative office in Copenhagen. Read more on www.oresunddirekt.dk.


Øresunddirekt has been experiencing success in attracting users from across the EU, so it was time for a new website solution to accommodate this growth in users and their diversity in information requests.

Øresunddirekt was looking for the ability to provide relevant and customized information based on the users’ country of origin and language, self-service for TAX calculations and easy access by mobile. It had to be built on a secure platform that was easy for Øresunddirekt’s team to maintain.


The new Øresunddirekt website is built on Umbraco Cloud, which offers several advantages in development, maintenance and security. It is easy to maneuver, making the ongoing new development and day to day maintenance much smoother.

Like most websites, Øresunddirekt.dk is available in different languages. But for this solution, it is not merely a 1:1 translation between, for example, the Danish and English versions. What we have built is a Multi-site that customizes the content on each page according to your chosen language and your country of origin. The English version of a specific page is different in the content you view if you access the site from the France vs. Germany or other EU countries. This accommodates the difference in the need for information according to the rules and regulations that apply in your country of origin. This was possible to build with Umbraco, without having to develop new code for each thinkable scenario of language and country of origin.

To meet the need of Øresunddirekts’ users access via mobile devices, the website layout and navigation is built with a mobile-first approach, both with regards to front- and backend.

Øresunddirekt wanted their users to be able to access certain pages as self-services to make it more efficient for the users and reduce the manual processing time and workload involved. Built using Strømlin’s own EasyCalc technology, the website offers a self-service Tax-Calculator where the users can make calculations of tax that apply depending on if they reside in Denmark or Sweden, and work in the opposite country. Another self-service is ‘Ask the Expert’ built as a community where users can submit questions for Øresunddirekt’ experts.

Visually the brand identity of Øresunddirekt is well presented and the user experience has been enriched with variations of visual animations throughout the website.

Another addition to the new Øresunddirekt website is a content-automated Job section, pulling relevant content about available positions in the Øresund region (Copenhagen and Malmö) from the 3rd party job platforms Jobindex and Jobbsafari, using the an API.


For us at Strømlin, this is a great case study on how our team represents the capabilities, to enter collaborations with clients, where we become their partner from start to finish. From the strategic planning to decision making, through development and also long term support.

The Øresunddirekt.dk website also stands out as a power demonstration of what can be achieved with Umbraco Cloud. This solution makes it easy to maintain and deploy new developments, helping Øresunddirekt keep their website relevant and ‘modern’ at all times.


Umbraco 7, Cloud, Multisite, EasyCalc, API, React, JavaScript.


Video with Vita Thomsen, Website Manager at Øresunddirekt.