UX, IT Architecture & Information Architecture

We create a solid foundation that can handle the desired user flows and processes, and we make sure that all content levels are defined and prioritised.

IA, taxonomy & tagging frameworks

We can help you structure your digital content in a way that matches both the needs of your core users and the competencies and workflows of your company. By building taxonomies and tagging frameworks we make sure that the skeleton of the new digital solution is both solid and dynamic.

Technical architecture and design

Within our team we have a dedicated group of senior technical architects who will provide consultancy in the areas of technical architecture and design to help our client make the right technology decisions and selecting an optimal platform. Our architects will be engaged to ensure technical solutions for our clients are robust, reliable and scalable. In addition to understanding the CMS landscape they are able to architect multi-regional and multi-channel solutions keeping pace with key trends and technologies that may be appropriate for the overall solution.

Interaction design

We can help you design all the touch points that are necessary to build a digital experience that generates value. We sketch out navigation systems and define how the different user profiles interact with your core content. We also help our clients and technical partners with flowcharts, wireframes and user stories.

We also produce communication concepts in the form of ‘microcopy’ – i.e. the wording of buttons, headlines, confirmation messages, menu-items etc. We know that microcopy and a consistent tone-of-voice across channels can be the deciding factor for user conversion.

Conversion optimization

We are experts in reducing the friction that often stands in the way of conversion. Wether it be missing navigation logic, content clustering or lack of relevance we can help you apply key user insights and fight friction.

Prototyping & POC

We build prototypes early in the process so we, our clients and their clients can interact with the solution in a realistic scenario. When we facilitate user testing we continuously refine the prototype in an agile and dynamic process.