Insights & Business Optimisation

We identify and prioritise digital business opportunities, and we generate the necessary user insights to create journey maps, build business cases and form roadmaps.

User interviews and testing

We can help you gain qualitative insights about what your users want. By asking the right questions and testing the key interaction points we make sure that our clients´ digital content and key interaction points are as relevant and user friendly as they can be.

When we have built a working prototype, we test the new concept with the same users.

Technical analysis

Taking existing requirements from our other insights, we assess both the functional and non-functional requirements to verify completeness, consistency and coverage. As a parallel activity we conduct a current-state architecture assessment to understand the existing technology landscape.

The technical analysis allows us to understand the technologies that can be reused and the systems we need to integrate with. This way we can scope the new developments.


Gathering both qualitative and quantitative insights is key in our ongoing advisory for our clients. We offer digital surveys that can support the qualitative user insights.

We are using these online surveys to get fast answers on business related problems or opportunities to make sure that the digital initiatives have the right effect. We learn from the users and measure the performance of the solution.

Business development

We create roadmaps with prioritized digital initiatives, and we build KPI frameworks to make sure that the initiatives are properly rooted in your organisation.

Once the digital initiatives are effectuated, we can help you optimize your digital solution to make sure it generates as much value as possible. By producing monthly reports based on relevant data we supply our clients with pragmatic advice on how to keep their content relevant and in line with the defined business objectives and KPI’s. 

Journey mapping

We can help you create digital experiences that are relevant to both potential and existing customers. By balancing business goals and user needs we define the user experience that most effectively support your digital business. We map out the key customer journeys and advise our customers on how to support them most effectively.

Feasibility studies

A great idea is not always enough. We experience a growing need for validation and specification of high level digital concepts to avoid nasty surprises in terms of economy, governance, legal issues etc. Furthermore, we take pride in tying any loose ends or user flows that can prove to be crucial for the conversion rates.