Implementation & Integration Services

We build the solution and apply the most effective and innovative technologies available.

CMS Implementation

Choosing the right Content Management System is a big decision.

The setup you choose is crucial for the way you can work with the solution going forward, and as with everything else in life, there are advantages and disadvantages.

We can help you in this process and in the following implementation where we master both Plone, Umbraco and Sitecore to a masters degree as well as servicing other platforms.

Interface development

Interface Development discipline produces rich front-end code in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Deliverables are structured, separating content (HTML), design (CSS) and behaviour (JavaScript). We favour modularisation through CSS, SASS, or other appropriate technologies and JavaScript to support rapid development and reduce the number of potential regression issues, and ensure our work is extensible and maintainable in future phases of work.
We embrace Inclusive Design by building in accessibility guidelines and principles from initial concept work, through to development

Systems- and API integration

Systems Integration is one of the key disciplines our team have traditionally been engaged in. We are readily versed in the design patterns, frameworks and technologies that will enable our solutions to integrate with other platforms - whether they be eCommerce, booking, or other systems.
The appropriate integration technology will be used for each deployment, however it would be reasonable to expect that most systems with any integration requirement would consume or expose web services in one shape or another and pass data in XML, JSON or other agreed data formats.
Where this is not possible in legacy systems technologies such as message queues, API’s and batch interfaces may be more appropriate.

Web app development

Custom application development is nearly always required on our large client implementations. No one packaged solution can meet a customers requirements ‘out-of-the-box’ and some level of configuration and customization is typically required.

E-commerce implementation

We create ecommerce solutions for the clothing store with multiple styles and colors but more importantly we also create commerce solutions for products that do not fit in the standard box like service or membership subscriptions that need configuration and customization for each client. The focus is always to have that best possible user flow and at the same time help your business to be as efficient as possible in fulfilling the order.

Enterprise search

We implement search across our solutions that make content from multiple enterprise-type sources, such as databases and intranets, searchable to a defined audience.
Enterprise search can be contrasted with web search, which applies search technology to documents on the open web which we also master.

Rapid prototyping

Particularly in the context of agile development, we favour working examples that can be tested and measured over excessive documentation.