Data technology & visualization

We make data come to life and apply them to business logic and innovative digital experiences.

AI & machine learning

Teaching computers to do tasks in seconds that would take humans a lifetime can be really valuable and enrich our businesses. In order for a computer to be smart, it needs to be taught and given instructions. By using algorithms for pattern recognition and computational learning we are able empower both computers and humans.
Being competitive in the future is also about working smarter, and digitalization and artificial intelligence will be vital to achieve this goal. We can help putting computers at work for your business.


We can help you monitor the performance of your digital initiatives. By building intuitive dashboards showing relevant data we create the user insights that are necessary for you to make smart digital decisions. We help you interpret the statistics and advice you on how to act on them.

Data visualisation & GIS

We help you with visualization of data so that it will be easier to understand, thereby providing better decision-making support for your business or providing easy to understand insights for your customers.

Business automation

We want to leverage technology to automate as much as possible.

Efficient digital processes mean new possibilities, such as increased revenue, lowered costs, improved quality and increased control.

We build products and services that transform companies and learn machines to do the heavy lifting.