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New corporate website -

Launched August 14, 2020


  • Umbraco 8
  • Multi language
  • Personalized customer user login
  • PIM
  • Tag-manager

In this video Laura Starkey, Head of Digital Marketing at WindowMaster, shares her experience of the journey together with Strømlin.


WindowMaster is a technology savvy organization. They were in search of a technology developer and strategic partner who could help them build much more than just a pretty, new website. The ambition was to build an industry-leading digital communication platform. It had to be the key facilitator to enhance their brand identity and deliver growth in sales across Scandinavia and international markets.

As a brand, WindowMaster, wanted to strengthen their position as a climate conscious company, not only in their own production and operations, but also to help customers meet their sustainability goals. In a sales context, the ambition was to drive significant growth in new sales leads through their new website. Due to client confidentiality we cannot share by which factor WindowMaster expects to grow sales, but it is bold and if announced, it would leave competitors shaking in their boots.


Our colleagues at the design agency 1508 were responsible for delivering the design, which provides an aesthetic user experience with the highest level of usability. Once the foundation with the design guide and user insights had been established, Strømlin took the lead as technology development partner.

It was clear that WindowMaster wanted to move from what was a basic website solution to a platform as a dynamic digital tool. With open and very technology savvy minds, the WindowMaster team was a dream to work with. A steadfast focus throughout the process, on building a website for the benefit of their customers first, which at the same time would deliver efficiency and growth in sales and marketing. With technology as the enabler, their mindset was in sync with Strømlin’s Human Technology approach.

For the users of the new WindowMaster website, they experience a multi-language site that is easy to navigate and a structure in design, animations and content that leaves no doubt about the WindowMaster position as a climate conscious and green company. Successful storytelling and communication of purpose on many levels, both visually, in text and by functionality.

As a customer of WindowMaster, the personalized login has followed the journey from the old website to the new, but with several updates in personalization and user experience. Enhanced personalization has a high priority in our continued collaboration with WindowMaster and on future developments.

The ambition of getting a dynamic digital tool was very much also driven by the WindowMaster strategic conviction that the path to growth in sales is digital. The new WindowMaster website is therefore developed and optimized as a digital dream-machine for a lead generation. All available features play a part in achieving this, and the technical SEO and the design, accommodates the users improved access to find and usability when browsing the product catalog.

We had a series of bilateral meetings with senior management at WindowMaster with the purpose of fully understanding each department’s role and strategic ambitions with the new digital platform. This provided us with vital insights for planning and execution of the development process, but also allowed us to present and agree on our recommendation for the implementation of PIM (Product information management) in the early project scope.

During the process, Strømlin identified that a PIM solution would help WindowMaster manage their diverse product catalog. The vision was to implement a solution that would provide WindowMaster with scalability and ease as they implemented the products and technical documents on the new site. After suggesting a solution to WindowMaster, Strømlin built the infrastructure of the PIM to integrate with the Umbarco solution and flow with current marketing processes. This product data is created by an internal organization to support a multichannel marketing strategy. For a B2B production company like WindowMaster, this is an inevitable asset to succeed with their digital and business development strategy.


Working with the developers at Strømlin felt effortless because they were very aware of the user experience aspect of our clients as well as internal web editors. The team was consistently hardworking and service-minded.
Laura Starkey, Head of Digital Marketing at WindowMaster

A good way to describe the process and the result is: Very ambitious but realistic. In collaborations with ambitious clients like WindowMaster, we, in our role as a strategic partner, become the filter for the client’s vast list of desired features and functionality, to narrow it down to the best project path for a successful launch of a first solution. Again, as a compliment to the team at WindowMaster, this collaborative exercise in restricting and prioritizing was seamless and obstacle free. 

The bottom line result at this first stage launch: We, together with 1508, assisted WindowMaster to create a new digital platform for their Scandinavian and International market. We launched their new, corporate website. The platform embraces a new digital brand identity and integrates with the WindowMaster' product catalog system, giving the user a 1:1 information experience on the website. With next steps in collaboration and developments already agreed!

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