The Greenlandic Agency for Digitization

Building a digital society for Greenlandic citizens

The Greenlandic Agency for Digitization has been working with 1508 Group for more than 10 years to maintain and develop multiple Sitecore solutions, being the most important.


The Government of Greenland has been working for many years on ensure efficient digital means of communication for the Greenlandic citizens. The Government of Greenland offers easy accessible web solutions that can meet the citizens' need for digital communication with the public authorities. This is an ongoing process driven by a clear digital strategy.The Government of Greenland originally had more than 65 different portals running on multiple CMS instances and it has therefore been a declared goal to consolidate those multiple instances into a single Sitecore based solution to make sure that the costs of development, operation and maintenance is greatly reduced. 


1508 Group has worked together with the Government of Greenland to develop a platform on Sitecore with centralized digital access to the citizens of Greenland. This hub acts as a portal for their need for digital communication with the public authorities.The platform handles the access to multiple self service solutions from a multitude of 3rd party solution providers and wraps everything through a SSO (Single Sign ON) system developed on top of NemId to make sure that the citizens get the smoothest possible experience when interacting digitally with the government.


We have created a solution that is being well adopted and has an increased amount of usage year after year.

The platform has extended into multiple sections of the public administration, limiting the number of different solutions and streamlining the experience for the citizens, while reducing the development time and cost and ensuring a fast time to market for new services.