Moving from a static to a dynamic, user-centric website. raises the bar for how member organisations must embrace the changes in demand from their members caused by fast-paced digitalization.


New website -

Launched June, 2020


  • Umbraco 8
  • Cloud
  • Elastic search
  • Azure
  • Machine Learning
  • Seamless deployment


In 2019, Finansforbundet embarked on an ambitious digital transformation, of which one of the first steps was to launch a new and modern website.

Finansforbundet wanted a dynamic, user-centric and more engaging website. The new website had to support the strengthening of Finansforbundet’s membership value proposition and communication hereof, as well as help streamline and improve internal processes.

Our task was clear and transformative: Deliver a website built for our members modern professional life and demands.


Collaboration 1508 & Strømlin
Our colleagues at 1508 assisted Finansforbundet on the strategic planning and execution of their digital transformation. 1508 delivered the design of the new and continues to manage the complex discovery and design process of new digital services for Finansforbundet. To learn more about 1508’s role and this part of the project, please visit

Dynamic and user-centric website
Key to Finansforbundet’s value proposition is Relevant events, seminars and training available to their members.
The new website had to improve access to these services through a user experience that presented the member with relevant content. To achieve this, in a technology environment with multiple layers of databases and middleware, we used the search engine Elasticsearch. This basically allows for the storing, search and analysis of big volumes of data very quickly and in near real time. For the users of, it enables a dynamic user-experience of relevant information.

The Technical set up
Through thorough technical analysis, we found a complex technological setup with databases, 3 party solutions, i-frames and middleware.
Without making changes to the existing, we developed the new website and digital services around them that allowed a smooth and continued use of data.

We recommended Umbraco 8, another technology solution, to provide Finansforbundet cloud storage in a Microsoft Azure hosted environment for their digital services, away from more traditional on-premise storage. We will in our continued collaboration with Finansforbundet work closely with our client’s IT department to assist them through this transition. 

Due to seamless deployment with no website downtime is another advantage achieved with the Umbraco 8 Cloud platform solution. For Finansforbundet’s members this means they will not experience scenarios where they cannot access due to maintenance or updates. When new features or improvements are deployed, this is now done smoothly without any disruption to the use of the website.

Helping the user get relevant information
With Elasticsearch and a cloud environment, the technology foundation for adding a content recommendation engine functionality to the website is present. Again, with the ambition to further improve the user-experience by providing highly relevant recommendations to the users as they navigate the website. This is in the making and will be available in future releases.


A modern and user friendly solution
Finansforbundet has moved from a one-way communicating website to a dynamic, user friendly and modern looking website, with which their members can engage interactively. A digital platform with relevant services that empowers the members and Finansforbundet to connect with each other and perform better.

Finansforbundet, 1508 and Strømlin raised the bar for how unions and member organisations can develop digital platforms to embrace the changes in members’ professional profiles and demands caused by fast-paced digitalization across all industries.

This is only the beginning of Finansforbundet’s digital transformation, and we look forward to our continued collaboration. Stay tuned. We will be sharing more as our work for Finansforbundet evolves.



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