Building online infrastructure for Denmark’s green energy sector

In collaboration with our client Evida and the design firm 1508, we successfully helped launch a new website with innovative solutions for self-services helping more than 400,000 homes and businesses in Denmark.


Evida was established in 2019 as a merger between HMN GasNet and Dansk Gas Distribution. The pourpose was to have Denmark’s entire gas distribution network managed by one public sector owned organization, and strengthen Denmark’s transformation towards greener energy.

Evida services more than 400,000 Danish homes and businesses. Read more at evida.dk.

The core of the project was to build a completely new website for the newly established Evida. The project involved everything from creating a new online identity and design, to choosing the best suitable platform and technology for their new digital online platform.

From the merger of the two organizations, Evida possessed a strong base of insights in regards to their customers and other key stakeholders' behavior and need for online services and information. Part of Evida’s requirements for the new website were an offering of more self-service and automation, to enable customers easier access and enhance the accuracy when customers report data, and at the same time, help reduce the manual labor involved for Evida’s staff in certain tasks.

Evida’s web team also requested a smooth and easy to use backend. For their work with general content maintenance, but also for them to be able to better plan and manage the distribution of customized information for customer segments by location and other attributes.


The project's starting point was a series of workshops that involved Evida and key stakeholders. The purpose was to collect and structure insights, and understand their ideas for the new online platform. We were then able to proceed with development and mapping-out the solutions user experience and design, and make a qualified choice of the best suitable CMS and other technologies. All executed in collaboration with 1508, the design firm responsible for UX and design.

The new Evida website I developed in Umbraco 8, which enabled us to build some innovative self-service features for the users. There is a self-service where Evida customers can report their gas meter readings online, with a personalized and automated user-guidance allowing the customer to submit data according to geographical specifications, such as postal code. This secures more accurate information presented to the customer and reporting of data, and saves much time for Evida’s support and service teams on a daily basis.

Another self-service feature is the digitization of how new customers request a gas pipe connection for their home or business. What used to be a PDF document for new customers to download and complete manually has been transformed into a fully automated sign-up process that enhances the customers' user experience, and also improves the process and workflow for Evida to respond and set up new accounts.

With 400,000 homes and businesses searching for information and answers, it is given that a website for Evida should include the opportunity for customers to submit questions and a comprehensive FAQ section. By structuring Evida’s insights and knowledge about their customers, we auto-generated relevant FAQ lists and built a community for submitting questions to which the user had not found the answers in the FAQ listings. All new questions submitted are then used to continuously optimize the FAQ listings, and the complete data from the FAQ listings and questions submitted are used for website SEO optimization.

Umbraco offers some smart solutions to how front-end UX and design can be reflected in the back-end. This helped us in developing a solution that is easy for Evida’s web-administrators and content team to use. Some might claim that the back-end of the new Evida.dk offers a nicer user experience than the frontend of many other websites J.


The Evida.dk website is a result of a successful collaboration from start to finish.

We have helped launch a new website that is part of Denmark’s public online infrastructure, and adds value for more than 400,000 homes and businesses in Denmark. Evida.dk is fast and easy to navigate from mobile and desktop, with multiple self-service features, process automation and personalization with benefits for both their customers and their own web-administrators.

The design for which 1508 has been responsible, has in itself delivered a transformational result for the Evida customer’s experience. It provides Evida with a unique online identity that communicates its purpose and value proposition, as a public sector organization that plays a key role in Denmark’s effort to convert our energy usage to be cleaner and greener.

Building the website with Umbraco allows Evida greater flexibility in future improvements and new development, as well as easy access to integrate with other third-party web-services.

Want to know more about Evida's solution?

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