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With a web-redesign and radical changes in content, we produced a digital platform with a kick-ass user experience that accommodates the needs of all key stakeholders and has increased online conversion by 400%.


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Launched 2019


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  • Contextual content
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  • Lead generation


Ase is a leading independent Danish unemployment fund and union, owned 100% by its members. A large member organization for more than 150,000 self-employed, employees and students, known for its innovative approach in developing competitive products for its members.

Ase wanted a new digital platform, positioning Ase as the digital front-runner among industry member organizations. A platform enabling Ase to offer its members and other key stakeholders a superior and seamless digital experience across all touchpoints, and empowering and motivating members to act as ambassadors.

With a visionary strategy of building an open and customer-focused organization, Ase presented us with some key strategic success criteria for their new platform. It should help increase member loyalty, increase sales leads and conversion to new sales, as well as add value to existing members to reduce churn-rate.

Ase had identified a critical ‘flaw’ with the old Ase website that resulted in the loss of too many potential new members visiting the website, and possibly also an explanation for an increased churn-rate. The ‘flaw’ they had identified was in the distribution of content, where sales pushing messages were being displayed too early and aggressively in potential members' journey.


Strømlin was the main technology developer for Ase’s new digital platform, as a subcontractor to the design firm 1508. Together with 1508, we acted as an advisor and a project lead from start to finish.

The core of the digital platform project involved a redesign of and a radical change in the use of the content, from the messages to how it is distributed and displayed throughout the website and member journey. We then needed to start by gathering detailed insights about Ase and its members.

In collaboration with 1508, we began by conducting interviews with existing and potentially new Ase members, through which we formed some important insights, of which the three below turned out to be critical in our effort to deliver on Ase’s key success criteria’s.

  • Members do not fit in boxes: Employees can easily be curious about starting their own business and self-employed people may also be interested in employee rights.
  • The value of member benefits must be enhanced contextual: Member benefits are crucial, but members cannot see their value if detached from a specific context.
  • Contextual user experiences: The insights led us to make clear choices about which user experiences could both increase loyalty and be lead generating.

On the old, the content was structured and displayed for each of three member segments, self-employed, employees and students. This structure relied on fitting the customers in boxes and therefore had some limitations in making the distribution of information dynamic to meet each member’s needs. It was relevant but insufficient and disengaging for the member journey.

What we did was rebuilding the entire content structure and distribution, to create a seamless user experience and member journey, accommodating individual needs and inspiring a potential member to engage in dialogue by for example applying for membership or reaching out to request more information.

Moving away from planning content displayed for potential members fitted in boxes, we instead implemented a more dynamic technology to address situations that cross-defined the different types of members by providing content with answers relevant to the most frequently asked questions or need for information. Examples of questions we identified, through interviews conducted with Ase members, were:

  • I want to change jobs.
  • I want to start a business.
  • I want to go on maternity leave.

With this approach, we enabled Ase to display highly relevant content at the right time and in the right context to the individual users, and inspire both existing members and new potential members with content that explained opportunities and member benefits.

This also allowed us to optimize the technical-SEO for and increased lead generation from Google and other 3rd party sites. In short, we built a back-end that looks for correlations between what potential members were searching for on Google when they found, which then dictates the content displayed to them upon entering This ensured that they start with content relevant to their specific needs, inspiring them to explore opportunities and member benefits.


The new stands out as a brand new website with a display of relevant content, positioning Ase as a digital front-runner among member organizations in Denmark.

From a sales perspective, Ase has shared with us that the new digital platform helped increased online conversion by 400%, and in the first 6 months following the launch, a return on the investment made in the new digital platform had been secured. This is a sign of success: deliver an increase in sales leads and conversion to new sale.

From Ase, we have also learned that both their existing and potential new members experience the new content structure and distribution across the platform, as being more relevant and engaging. It is now easier for existing members to find answers and for potential new members to learn about member benefits relevant to them. All sales pushing messages have been removed from the front pages and are instead now available in the section ‘Become a member’. This is another sign of success: increase member loyalty and add value to existing members to reduce churn-rate.

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