Improving legal advisory with intelligent self service system

We built a system based on a strong business case of saving time and improving workflow quality.


Ankestyrelsen handles legal enquiries for the Danish municipalities, and they asked us to help them streamline a series of internal tasks and workflows for their advisory team. One of the key objectives was to minimize the time spent for each case.


As the solution core we developed an exploratory, high performance search engine for the legal team that enabled them to save time and effort because they could reuse elements fra previous Q's and A's from Ankestyrelsen. It was essential that all new enquiries could be digitalized in an easy and intuitive manner.

Furthermore, the solution had to display these Q's and A's and work seamlessly with the existing website to improve and complete usability for the municipalities.


In the weeks following product launch the amount of new enquiries was decreased by nearly 50 percent.