The nature of code

We create digital business solutions with a human touch. Here are some highlights.


Moving from a static to a dynamic, user-centric website. raises the bar for how member organisations must embrace the changes in demand from their members caused by fast-paced digitalization.

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B2B platform for enhanced brand identity and sales growth.

Great client collaborations become even greater and more meaningful when we are fortunate to work with organizations like WindowMaster.

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Space10 & IKEA Group

Changing everyday life with technology!

What if you could try out new furniture without moving your old one? A creative collaboration between Space10 & Strømlin

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Building a game-changing experience in the world of museums.

SMK Open have proven to be valuable resources for the general public and art professionals. Achieving SMK’s ambitions.

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Building online infrastructure for Denmark’s green energy sector

In collaboration with our client Evida and the design firm 1508, we successfully helped launch a new website with innovative solutions for self-services helping more than 400,000 homes and businesses in Denmark.

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Empower members to be ambassadors with engaging content.

With a web-redesign and radical changes in content, we produced a digital platform with a kick-ass user experience that accommodates the needs of all key stakeholders and has increased online conversion by 400%.

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Facilitating the diversity in user needs with a Multi-site

This was possible to build with Umbraco, without having to develop new code for each thinkable scenario of language and country of origin. A power demonstration of what can be achieved with Umbraco Cloud.

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Building multisites and brand experience

Four new websites for Copydan's 4 AV associations

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The Greenlandic Agency for Digitization

Building a digital society for Greenlandic citizens

The Greenlandic Agency for Digitization has been working with 1508 Group for more than 10 years to maintain and develop multiple Sitecore solutions, being the most important.

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Fighting friction: no more redundant content and difficult navigation patterns.

We built a new digital platform that ignites the customer experience while capturing the magic that guests can feel in the oldest folk theatre in Denmark.

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Improving legal advisory with intelligent self service system

We built a system based on a strong business case of saving time and improving workflow quality.

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