Human technology

We are a Danish technology agency that creates efficient solutions by creatively connecting leading edge technology with real human and Business-driven needs.

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Let us hear more about the challenges you are facing. We are here to help you with the most effective solution.

The human perspective

Technology is nothing but an empty shell without the human perspective. We focus on human interactions - and the experience of the system owner, the content creator and the end user are equally important to us.

The business perspective

A digital solution must be built on a strong business case and an effective governance model. Our consultants have a deep technical knowledge, but always with a keen eye for business innovation and real value creation.

The technology perspective

Using technology creatively is key to making the complex simple and igniting business transformation. We apply the right technology to the challenge at hand and thereby constantly renew the way we build solutions.

Technology as a business driver

Instead of just thinking basic website builds as the end goal we focus on creating actual value through technology. Just like Design Thinking has been leading the way for innovational initiatives, we strongly believe that true business optimisation is achieved through technology as a business driver. This is ideally achieved through programme based management instead of standalone projects. Reach out to hear more about this!

Five values

Our daily work is guided by five values that together create the essence of what it means to be a part of Strømlin and how we work with our clients and partners. Watch this video and get to know us better.

Our values are: 

  1. Presence
  2. Adaptability
  3. Simplicity
  4. Excellence
  5. Tangible
Morten Brandt

Morten Brandt

CEO & Partner

+45 40840300 [email protected]
Thomas Clement Mogensen

Thomas Clement Mogensen

Lead Developer & System Architect

+45 22736453 [email protected]
Ole Thorsen

Ole Thorsen

Lead Developer & System Architect

+45 31310216 [email protected]

Daniel Llorente Tabor


+45 23601061 [email protected]
Anton Stonor

Anton Stonor

R&D Lead & Partner

+45 61659690 [email protected]

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Troels Larsen

Peter Solow's PA & System Architect

+45 61663966 [email protected]
Peter Marius Stampe

Peter Marius Stampe

Commercial Strategy Lead

+45 23448984 [email protected]
Peter Solow

Peter Solow

Head of Interface Development & Partner

+45 28560360 [email protected]

Lucas Hein Bjerre


+45 31128785 [email protected]
Nicolaj Herskind

Nicolaj Herskind

Senior Developer

+45 31454207 [email protected]
Pernille Charlotte Mardell

Pernille Charlotte Mardell


+45 51447793 [email protected]

Nicklas Vilhelmsen

Frontend Developer

+45 31693805 [email protected]

Cecillia Kampf

Junior Project Manager

+45 53706553 [email protected]
Mustapha Benali

Mustapha Benali

Lead Developer & System Architect

+45 31702019 [email protected]
Thomas Hagbard Johansen

Thomas Hagbard Johansen

Project Lead

+45 22621205 [email protected]